December, 2011

Inspirational – Expect the Favor of God and Let Him Turn Your Trials to Blessings!

Are you feeling a bit hopeless and helpless after being bombarded with one problem after another lately? Discover how you can expect the favor of God to flow in your life and let Him turn your trials into blessings!


Merry Christmas Birthday Celebration

We celebrate Christmas because we want to testify that Jesus’ existence has made our own lives infinitely better and give thanks for His birth and life. Wishing you and yours a safe, joyful, and very Merry Christmas!


The Path to Wealth Best Seller Book Status on Amazon Kindle

“The Path to Wealth” book by TS Linscott reaches the Amazon Kindle Best Seller Status at #23 for Education Finance. Thanks for everyone for your support.


Hold Me by Jamie Grace – Christian Music Video

Christian Music Video. Jamie Grace sings “Hold Me” featuring TobyMac, from her album One Song At A Time in this music video. Enjoy this song & lyrics.


Growing Prosperity – The Power of Believing and Receiving Manifests Abundance!

Do you have a hard time receiving? Then dare to believe. Believing is the powerful force of faith in action to help you manifest and receive abundance into your life!


Prosperous Thoughts – 7 Things to be Mindful of to Help Manifest Abundance!

Why do you let others and yourself limit your potential with wrong thinking? Start today to change those defeating thoughts to prosperous thoughts and begin to manifest abundance!

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