Positive Attitude – How Can Positive Thinking Revolutionize Your Life for Success?

Positive Attitude – How Can Positive Thinking Revolutionize Your Life for Success?

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking PowerPositive thinking has been promoted as a must have character trait for years.

Many believe in the power of positive thinking…

and many more think it is just a bunch of nonsense.

The kicker is: They are both right!

Positive thinking is related to your beliefs. So the catch is; if you believe it does not work then it won’t. And if you believe it does work, well, then it will.

However, that being said, the main reason it does not work for non-believers is because of their negative belief; they don’t even give it a try. But anyone can get positive results and will tend to become believers of positive thinking once they put it into action.

Norman Vincent Peale once said:

“If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.”

Once you start to plant seeds of positive thinking, it begins a chain reaction. It encourages those around you and that in turn encourages you.

It is contagious…

When you choose to think positive, you will eventually speak and act positive.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” 
— Proverbs 23:7

If you water and tend to the positive thoughts planted in your mind they begin to grow and take root in your heart.  What’s in your heart is the true reflection of who you are.

Keep in mind: There is no harm in living with a positive outlook. But there is great harm in living with a negative outlook.

Just like a joke or a smile can break the tension in a group of people, your positive thoughts have the power to break the tension and discouragement in your life and move you toward success.

Clear the negative thoughts that may be planted in your mind by daily watering the positive ones. Do this by speaking to yourself daily something similar to the following positive affirmation:

“I was intended to express joy and success. I am victory minded. God created me to win out in life. I was born to live life with peace and hope.”

If any of this rings true: Start planting positive seeds of change and watch as the positive vibes you send out result in your own harvest. The fact that you are reading this is a great indication that the seeds of change are already there. Now go start watering your positive attitude.

May your heart be abundantly positive and your life full of growing prosperity!

God bless you –


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How to Maximize the Ruling Force that Manifests Prosperity!

How to Maximize the Ruling Force that Manifests Prosperity!

Seize Your Abundant Rich Living Yet?

Power to ManifestAbundant rich living sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Are you seizing what has been made available to live your dream life?

When we think of a prosperous life, the details are unique for each of us. Yet usually the basics are common across the board.

What comes to your mind when you think of the dream life you desire?

Do you want loving, meaningful relationships? How about happiness, peace, and a slower, stress free pace; to be able to enjoy the everyday life? Does a closer walk with God and strong spiritual growth sound good? What about improved living conditions, a better car, and more money in the bank; the ability to give more to others. And of course we all want to be physically and mentally healthy.

What is the Ruling Force Affecting Your Life?

The spiritual law of confession: Few people realize that the spiritual law of confession rules us. I’m referring to the things we speak, talk about, say, and confess every day.

Regardless of who we are, we’ll never rise above our confessions. And here is where it gets really interesting: We all get to choose the confessions of our mouth. It is our choice.

“You are snared (trapped) with the words of your mouth.” – Proverbs 6:2

How Do You Maximize this Ruling Force and Manifest Prosperity?

Confess what you believe in your heart: The key to maximizing this force is realizing the power is in confessing what we believe in our heart, not our head.

Jesus tells us we can have anything we SAY as long as we believe in our HEART (spirit) and CONFESS it with our mouth. (Mark 11:23)

Having a head full of beliefs and knowledge is like having a bag full of seeds. They both hold a great untapped potential harvest.  However, we will not reap a harvest in life without planting the seeds.

To manifest results, the head knowledge we have must be planted in our heart and applied to our lives.

How do we get the knowledge that is in our heads planted in our hearts?

Again the answer is that we must speak it – confess it.

Speak out loud the thoughts and beliefs you wish to manifest. There is great, often overlooked power, in the spoken word.

Keep in mind: at first we may only be speaking head knowledge. We may only understand or believe something to be true in our mind. But the real power is in confessing what we want so it gets planted in our heart and we in turn believe it in our heart. 

The good news is that when we continue to confess, what we now believe in our heart (spirit), we will begin to see the manifestation of those beliefs in our life.

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” – Luke 6:45

A word of warning: The spiritual law of confession works for both good and bad. So only confess positive if you want to reap positive results. If you are like me, this can be a challenge at times, but one worth conquering.

There is a reason Jesus put such a great emphasis on the fact that we can have what we say, speak, and confess with our mouth and believe in our heart. The same steps we take to receive eternal salvation in Christ; believe with our heart and confess with our mouth, are the same steps we take to manifest prosperity and abundance in all areas of life.

Hopefully by now you are convinced: There are many benefits to mastering our confessions and tapping into the power of the spoken word. It plays a vital role in every area of our lives. Start today. Choose carefully the words you allow your mouth to speak. Maximize this powerful force that can manifest prosperity and begin to seize the abundant rich life.

May your confessions reflect truth from the Word of God and manifest growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


P.S. Image credit thanks go to Patrick Hajzler

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Prosperous Living – How to Break the Poverty Cycle and Manifest the Abundance of God!

Prosperous Living – How to Break the Poverty Cycle and Manifest the Abundance of God!

How to Use Your Power to Prosper

Prosperous LivingProsperous living does not have to be out of your reach.

If you are on a treadmill of poverty and lack, I have good news for you today. You can get off the road that leads to lack and start heading down the road that leads to prosperity. 

So you’ve been busy, busy, busy – working hard, but getting nowhere. Not very satisfying is it?

God has plans to prosper you and give you a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) He wants you to prosper, and He has empowered you with the ability to do just that.

Doesn’t it make sense to get some positive results out of your efforts?

If you answered yes, then you will be glad to know that you can; starting today.

Manage Your Mind to Prosper

The trick to living life to the fullest is learning to program your mind for success.

When your thoughts line up with plans of success and prosperity long enough, eventually your actions follow suite.

“Tis the mind that makes the body rich.” – Shakespeare


Are You Thinking?

That may seem like a silly question, but unfortunately there appears to be a group of people that go through life and avoid using their minds. Their lives become a routine that requires little conscious effort.

They choose jobs, entertainment, and pastimes that purposely do not challenge their intellect. When they do share thoughts it tends to be about what they saw on TV or gossip about others. The trivia question on the back of the cereal box is a major accomplishment.

What Are You Thinking About?

What you think, you are. (Proverbs 23:7)

God places a great emphasis on renewing our minds daily. What we think about is vitally important to the results we get in life. Like the saying goes; “Garbage in, garbage out.”

We are limited only by the obstacles we create in our minds.

Decide to succeed and set goals to reach your desire. Take some time to work out a plan to reach each goal. Discipline yourself to keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve.

Remember, your mind and heart plans your way, but the Lord directs your steps. (Proverbs 16:9) We need to make sure we acknowledge God every step of the way.

How Are You Thinking?

We have the choice to program our conscious minds with positive, affirmative beliefs. We can think positive and hopeful and chose a victory minded attitude.

Your subconscious mind takes these messages as fact and goes to work making them a reality in your life.

Don’t short-circuit your success with a negative self-inflicted defeated image of yourself. Have the attitude of the Apostle Paul and say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

You can tap into the abundance of God.

I think you get the point. What we think and how we think is shaping our future. Prosperous thinking equals prosperous living. God doesn’t want to see our lives going in circles in the desert when He has a great abundance prepared and waiting for us. Manage your mind to step into prosperous living.

May your mind be renewed daily by the Word of God and result in a life of growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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Abundant Life – Are You Meant to Prosper? How to Grab Hold of Your Growing Prosperity!

Abundant Life – Are You Meant to Prosper? How to Grab Hold of Your Growing Prosperity!

Plant Seeds of Empowerment and Get In Position to
Reach the Abundant Life

Grab Your Abundant LifeGrowing prosperity is available for all of us to reach out and grab hold of.

The abundant life is just waiting for you to take part.

I have to warn you though: The ‘grabbing hold of’ is not always an easy task. However, if you are like me, the challenge just makes you say all the louder, “Game on!”

The trick of this game is to get some things settled once and for all up front. A settled determination plants seeds of empowerment in you and will help prevent defeat from hindering your progress.

Set yourself up in a position to reach the abundant life right at the get go!

Yes, You Were Designed to Prosper

Right off the bat, be settled in the fact that it is God’s plan that you prosper. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has plans to prosper you and give you a hope and future. Be settled in that truth whether you are on the mountain top or in the valley. God said it, so it’s settled, and that’s that.

Just because you are going through a tough time Does NOT mean God changed His mind.

Of course the enemy would sure like you to believe that. If satan can get your eyes off God and turned toward him, he is pleased. And if he can then get you to start running your mouth against God and begin speaking his lies, he’s got you hook, line, and sinker.

What are You Thinking on and Speaking on?

“For as he thinks in his heart so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

Don’t be fooled: The dominate thoughts of your heart are what you can expect to come to pass in your life. Make sure they are filled with the truth of God’s Word!

Why do you think God puts such a great importance on meditating on His Word?

We are to renew our mind daily for a reason. The Word of God will guide you in all truth and keep you on the right path if you’ll get it planted in your heart and coming out your mouth. Fill yourself up with God’s Word and give the enemy no place.

The key to resist the enemy and attract growing prosperity is to start speaking the truth of God’s Word in your life.

Mark my words: If you’ll get the fact settled that you are meant to prosper, then you’ll stay in the game when the going gets tough. Let go of the ‘try and see’ attitude and live by faith. Tap into your God given empowerment for success and live the abundant life.

May truth be settled within you as you grab hold of growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


P.S. Image credits go to Dani Simmonds. Thanks!

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Abundant Thinking – Will You Be Wealthy if You Win the Lottery This Week?

Abundant Thinking – Will You Be Wealthy if You Win the Lottery This Week?

Discover the Key to True Wealth!

abundance_of_god_wealthAbundance is something we can all tap into.

The prosperous, wealthy life is about money and finances, but, and make that a big but, it does not start or stop there.

So the question is: If you were to win the lottery today, or come into some great unexpected inheritance, of say five million dollars, would you be wealthy?

It is commonly known that the majority of lottery winners end up right back where they started or sometimes in even worst conditions.

A large sum of money, suddenly deposited into your bank account does not make you wealthy. It only adds some extra zeros to your account balance for a certain amount of time.

Money Is Not All It Takes To Be Wealthy

Are you saying about now “Just show me the money and I’ll be happy.”?

Money is a critical part of wealth and we all need it to live on. I agree. Nobody likes to be broke. However, as important as money is, it is only a part of wealth.

Money is just money.

True prosperity and wealth is the abundance of God. And as His child, God wants you to live in abundance and get out of the “poverty” mentality. God wants you to seek wisdom and be blessed with abundance in all areas of your life; spiritually, physically, and financially.

Deep down I’m sure you know this to be true. Now, unless you change some things in your life, you will stay in a cycle and always ends up right back where you started; before you came into money or any other blessing.

True Wealth Requires Wisdom and the Right Mindset

There are numerous stories of people that have prospered financially and then for one reason or another lost all they had. Yet they also had something else in their lives that allowed them to turn back around and become financially prosperous once again.

What set these successful people apart? They had wisdom and maintained the right mindset.

Wisdom and the right abundant, prosperous, and wealthy mindset allow you to manifest amazing results in your life!

No secret about it: Being wealthy requires filling your mind with the right thoughts. If you find yourself over and over in a position you do not want to be in, then it is about time you have an overhaul on your thought life.

Renew Your Mind

Renewing your mind is a process and requires work.

There are no magic thoughts or words that bring instant wealth. It is a growing process that changes you from the inside out and eventually becomes manifested in your life.

Are you with me still? The sooner you start the sooner you’ll experience the positive changes you desire.

Discover what the truly wealthy think about. Find out what the Word of God has to say about true riches. Then begin to activate your faith in these areas by speaking these things out loud to yourself and over your life. Put the law of attraction into motion.

A sample daily confession:

“Because I diligently seek the wisdom of God, riches and honor are with me, enduring riches and righteousness, my fruit is better than gold, and wisdom causes me to inherit wealth and my bank accounts to be full.”
(Proverbs 8:17-19, 21)

Get started today: Take control of your thought life and elevate your level of success. Be all that God intends you to be and be blessed to be a blessing. Watch your life transform as you seek wisdom and choose to think and speak abundance.

May you seek wisdom and renew your mind daily and continue to experience growing prosperity!

God bless you –


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Abundant Prosperity – What Kind of Faith Delivers the Goods?

Abundant Prosperity – What Kind of Faith Delivers the Goods?

Discover the Faith Needed to Manifest Abundance!

Abundant prosperity requires living by the right kind of faith.

It is through faith that we touch the very source of life.

If we could measure a man’s faith we could come very near to predicting accurately the measure of his success in life.


There is a specific kind of faith that will deliver the abundant goods for a prosperous life. The kind of faith required is heart faith.


First let’s talk about the kind of faith that does NOT deliver the goods – head faith.

Chances are; you’ve heard of this type of faith found in a man often referred to as ‘Doubting Thomas’. Thomas did not believe the other disciples when they said they saw the Lord. Thomas only believed after he himself saw Jesus. Jesus said blessed are those that have NOT seen, and yet believed. (You can read this account in John chapter twenty of the Bible.)

The point is: head faith only believes what it can see and feel and is based on mental reasoning.


Heart faith is what delivers the goods.

Heart faith believes regardless of what it sees and in spite of circumstances.

No wonder Abraham is a primary example of someone whose faith was of the heart. In Romans chapter four it says Abraham believed in what was spoken even though he couldn’t see it. He didn’t consider the present situation in unbelief, but was strong in faith and fully persuaded.

What happens when you have real faith of the heart? Faith in your heart produces results.

By the way, it’s no surprise that a lot of people struggle with the fact they have doubt in their minds. But I want to point out that you can still get results even when you have some doubts in your mind.

We are bombarded with thoughts constantly. However, it is the ones we choose to meditate and focus on that get into our heart.

Jesus said we can have what we Say if we do not doubt in our Heart. (Mark 11:23) And then Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust the Lord with all our Heart, and lean not on our own understanding (thoughts and feelings).

The simple fact of the matter is this: True faith is of the heart and not the head. What is in the heart of our being is who we are and what we become.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” — Proverbs 23:7

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. So take time to listen to the Word in the area you believe to receive.

Doesn’t it make sense to harness this dynamic heart faith and produce abundant prosperity in your life? Now you can. And confessing and speaking powerful verses and phrases from the Word of God is one of the most effective ways to get the ball rolling and attract abundance.

May you live by heart faith and continue to experience growing prosperity!

Be Blessed to Be a Blessing –


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God’s Chisel Video by The Skit Guys

God’s Chisel Video by The Skit Guys

A Creative Look at a Typical Believer Going Through the Process of Discipline

Correction can be a painful process in life, but a neccessary one if we want to change for the better…

God know what’s going on inside of us and just like a good parent He loves us and wants us to be the best we can be. A parent disciplines their child because they love them too much to leave them the way they are. God is the same with us.

“For whom the Lord loves He corrects; even as a father the son in whom he delights.” — Proverbs 3:12

This video is less than 9 minutes, but well worth a creative look at God chiselling the dead weight out of our lives…

Allow God to correct you when needed – so you can be all He intends you to be!

Soar higher in Him,

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments…

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Prosperity – Can I Show You 4 Keys to Attract the Abundant Life?

Prosperity – Can I Show You 4 Keys to Attract the Abundant Life?

Apply These 4 Keys to Attract ‘More Than Enough’ Prosperity!

God is Key to Prosperous Life!Prosperity and abundance follow laws as exact as that of the law of mathematics.

It will not act unless all the necessary conditions are met.

If we obey the law, we get the desired results. If we don’t follow the law, things don’t equate to the correct outcome.

Are you with me still?

Attracting prosperity and abundance simply requires following its law.

The following four keys will help guide you on your journey.

#1 – Acknowledge the Source:

God is the creator and source of all supply. No doubt about it. Nothing is impossible when God is your partner. God wants you to prosper and He is the one who gives you the ability to gain wealth. He will direct your paths when you acknowledge him.

“God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


#2 – Get the Vision:

Our thoughts become reality. We are told in Proverbs 23:7 that we are what we think in our hearts.

What we think about is what we attract. That’s why it is so important to get a clear vision of the goal we want to prosper in. Make your mind a magnet that will attract your desired outcome. Do this by meditating, living and feeling the reality of your goal in your mind.

#3 – Take Action:

Make a plan of action and then put some physical energy into attracting your desire. Faith is backing up what you believe with action. Speak and confess your vision daily.

Remember, God’s Word is His will for you, so make sure you speak the same thing God says about you. 3 John 1:2 tells us that God wants us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.

Start being a generous giver. You have to give to receive. God multiplies seed sown.

Psalm 1:3 says whatever we DO will prosper. So make sure you’re doing something.

#4 – Never Quit:

Don’t give up! Run to win.

Some things take time. Results don’t always happen overnight.

Don’t let doubts come in and short circuit the connection to your goal and attract the opposite. Poor thinkers are poor. Prosperous thinkers prosper.

Continue to speak only the desired results for your life and fight discouragement with positive affirmations daily. Speak success.

So there you have it: Develop yourself in these four key areas, then watch as prosperity and abundance is drawn to you and manifested in your life. With God as your partner, you have access to an unlimited creative power to have an abundant overflow onto you and those around you.

May you be blessed to be a blessing and have growing prosperity!

Soar higher,

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