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How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker? Take This Test!

Self-Improvement – How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker? Take This Test!

The Power of Positive Thinking to Help You Get Happy & Attract Success!

Self-improvement requires adjusting your attitude and becoming a positive thinker. You’ve probably heard that statement a hundred times before. And it is true.

“If you are going to think: Think big.”  –  Donald Trump

Positive Attitude TestIn fact, as you practice using positive thinking, you will find that things begin to change for you.

Sometimes the change is so gradual you don’t notice anything at all, until one day someone else points out that you seem different. They may ask if you’ve gotten a new outfit, changed your hair, lost weight, or started dating someone new?

Tapping into positive thinking not only makes you happier, 🙂 but it also makes you more attractive; the kind of person others want to be around.

There are some common signs of positively charged people.

How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker?

Check out the following list to see if any of these sound familiar, and help gauge your progress and see what you have to look forward to.
You Know You’re on the Right Track When:

1.) Your long drive to work flew by so fast, you questioned why it ever bothered you in the first place.

2.) You spent twenty-two minutes waiting in line at the bank, on your half hour lunch break, and your day wasn’t ruined and your life didn’t end.

3.) The gas station attendant gives you the wrong amount of change back; you point it out with a friendly smile and he happily corrects the mistake.

4.) The long awaited repair part for your vehicle finally arrived at the dealership after two weeks on backorder, only to discover it was the wrong size. You are so patient and understanding about the mistake, when the dealership calls, they give you a significant discount on the repair service.

5.) Throughout the day, when you catch a reflection of yourself in a mirror, you’re smiling and you don’t think you look like an ugly duckling.

6.) You don’t hear the timer go off and dinner in the oven gets burnt to a crisp, yet somehow you quickly throw something together that turns out better than you originally planned.

7.) Unexpectedly you find yourself with generous free time on your hands, and lots of enjoyable things to do with it, including the energy needed to do them.

8.) You realize the last time you let yourself think “I can’t” was while thinking: “I can’t believe how blessed I am to have all these wonderful things happening to me!”

Well how did you do? Did you recognize yourself in any of these? Or are you looking forward to the day you do?

Regardless of your current level, a key to keep in mind is that the most positive, powerful, life changing thing you can meditate and think on is the Word of God. In Psalm chapter one it says that those who meditate and obey God’s Word are blessed and whatever they do prospers.

Make no mistake about it; positive thinking has the power to change your life. As you continue to use this technique in your life, you will find you don’t have to put much effort into achieving what you want. Positive thoughts put the law of attraction into motion and begin to manifest abundant success in your life.

May your thoughts be positive and your life full of growing prosperity!


P.S. So how did you score? Are you reaping the benefits of a positive attitude? Does maintaining a positive attitude come easy for you, 🙂 or do you find yourself quick to snap at others everywhere you go 🙁 ?

Feel free to leave your comments and compare your results with others…

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