Prosperity Requires Wisdom – Stop Being a Fool and Get Wise

Prosperity Requires Wisdom – Stop Being a Fool and Get Wise

How to Get Wisdom to Make the Right Choices and Prosper

No matter what area of life you want to prosper in, wisdom and knowledge can get the job done.  Every successful person avoids the things that will hinder their prosperity.  You will determine the level of prosperity in your life by the choices you make on a daily basis.   Knowing which choices to make and which ones to avoid requires wisdom. 

If you have made foolish choices in the past, you can turn it around today.  Today is the day to stop being a fool and get wise!  James 1:5 says if you lack wisdom, ask God who gives it generously.   So don’t continue to be a fool, but make a wise choice today and ask for the wisdom God is offering for free.  Start prospering with the wisdom to make the right choices.

The Wise Builder Prospers

In Matthew 7, Jesus tells the parable about the wise person who built his house upon the rock.  Then when the storms came it did not fall.  However, the foolish man built his house upon the sand and when the storms of life came, great was the fall of it.  Both houses were attacked by storms, but only one stood and continued to prosper. 

The wise person takes time to not only hear the Word, BUT DO IT.  Knowing the right choice to make is first and then actually doing it is the action required to prosper.   Be determined to make wise choices that will put your house on a firm foundation.  That way you will not only stand strong in the storms of life, but you will come out prospering.

Confession to Gain Wisdom and Achieve Victory in Life

“Thank You, God, that You warn me of danger and You instruct me in everything that concerns me!   You give me practical wisdom and creative ways to prosper in all areas of my life!”
(Based on Proverbs 8:12)

When we are obedient to learn God’s word and put it to work, He can miraculously prosper us in every area.   Let God impart explosions of wisdom into you from His Word.  Take the time to get wisdom so He can establish in you a strong foundation to prosper and walk out His great plan for your life.  Gain the wisdom you need to obtain the prosperous life God intended you to live.  

Enjoy growing prosperity in your life as you continue to make wise choices!

God bless you,

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