How Can Healthy Lifestyle Choices Boost Your Personal Image?

How Can Healthy Lifestyle Choices Boost Your Personal Image?

Tips on Taking Care of Your Spirit, Mind, and Body

Live Healthy Live for GodSelf-esteem plays a vital role in success. Don’t let a dwarfed self-image hold you back from being all that you are capable of.  How you see yourself has to do with the condition of your spirit, mind, and body. You are a package deal and you need to boost your self-esteem with healthy lifestyle choices daily.

It’s no secret that what we see when we look in the mirror effects our self-esteem. If the body reflected is at its ideal weight, with a clear complexion, well groomed, and dressed well, it is much easier to go through the day with powerful confidence to take on the world.

Yet, when the opposite is reflected, not only does our self-esteem plunge, but there is usually the stress of carrying around physical and emotional pain from the present condition of our body.

Take care of your body and make healthy choices on a daily basis.

Eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise and eliminate the intake of harmful substances. We are surrounded with a wealth of information on how to feed and exercise our body for optimum performance. No more excuses here. Just start where you are and make baby steps daily so that it becomes a lifestyle. The reward is worth it.

Renew your mind daily.

Monitor what you watch and listen to. What you put in is what you’ll get out. If you fill it with stress, fear, and all that is failing, you’ll experience that in your life. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting, words, thoughts, and pictures to make that become your reality.

In Proverbs 23:7 it says; ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he’.  And this leads me to the next point, the condition of your spirit or heart.

Guard your heart.

Your dominating thoughts get planted in your heart and become your reality. This is so important! Decide how you want your life to look, be, and feel. Then play that movie of your desired life in your head daily. Choose to fill your mind with healthy thoughts and images. Don’t forget to speak them and you’ll not only help block out the negative thoughts that want to trip you up, you’ll discover your confidence begin to rise.

Case in point: Healthy lifestyle choices give us the opportunity to operate at maximum performance. Eat right, exercise, monitor what you watch, listen to, and speak. Learn to love and laugh often. Do the best with what you have and begin where you are. Soon you’ll uncover the powerful, real you inside yourself as you boost your self-esteem.

May your healthy lifestyle choices bring you a life full of growing prosperity!

Be blessed – Cheers,

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    • Admin
    • July 12, 2009

    Thanks Ryan for the input and taking the time to stop by! Cheers – Brenda

  1. Excellent advice Brenda. Mental and physical health go hand in hand. The better you feel mentally, the more physically active you will be. Exercising causes you to feel good. Keep your mental and physical muscles fit with daily meditation and an exercise regimen. Ryan

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