Happiness – How Can a Healthy Lifestyle Make You Happy?

Happiness – How Can a Healthy Lifestyle Make You Happy?

How to Cheer Things Up with Healthy Lifestyle Choices!


I don’t know a thing about you …

 but I bet you desire happiness in life.

Having a bright, cheerful life is an achievable goal for everyone.

However, that being said, it is not easy to achieve for everyone …

For some people it requires a little extra work to get life into balance.

Happiness is a Battle for Many

There are unfortunately, many that battle stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Others are scarred by trials in life. And add to this a lack of sleep, poor nutrition, an unhealthy diet, and virtually no exercise and it becomes quite obvious why there is no smiling going on in this group of people.

If you fall into the previously mentioned group, you’ll be ‘happy’ to know there is help to cheer things up.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices are a Must

Living a healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with your level of happiness in life. Your physical health affects not only your personal self-image, but also your mental health. And your spiritual condition directs many of the decisions you make in regards to priority and balance in your life.

Resources are around every corner when it comes to learning about diet, fitness, nutrition, and building a positive self-image. These things all impact how you feel. Study up on the areas you are weak in and take steps to improve. Keeping them in balance is key to a happier you.

The state of your physical health, mental and emotional health, and spiritual health all work together. Making healthy choices creates a positive cycle so that as you become happier you are also encouraged to make healthier choices.

Consider Your Spiritual Condition

God created us to be happy people that are filled with a joy and love for life. With God we can be more than just happy but find true joy. Choosing to focus on all the good God has provided in our lives can help overcome a sense of unhappiness. There is no greater help to rise above negative circumstances, than the help that comes from God.

“You will show me the path of life: in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”
– Psalm 16:11

Your next step? To take what you’ve just learned and start making healthy lifestyle choices in your life. Step-by-step begin to replace the negatives with the positives. Work to keep things in balance and you’ll find it much easier to be a happy person. Seek God and ask for help and enjoy a life full of laughter and happiness.

May your life be balanced, happy, and full of growing prosperity!

God bless you –

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