Yes, You Can Thrive and Live a Long Abundant and Prosperous Life!

Yes, You Can Thrive and Live a Long Abundant and Prosperous Life!

Growing Prosperity – Thrive, Prosper, Flourish and Have Good Success

Flourish and Thrive like the Palm TreeGrowing prosperity is something that is…

possible in every area of life.

God’s desire is that we thrive in life;

not just survive.

However, to get off the treadmill going nowhere will require making the right choices moving forward.

Thrive, Prosper, and Flourish

Thrive is defined as: to make steady progress, to prosper, to grow vigorously, and to flourish. If we are willing to follow the instructions and plans God has given us we will thrive. It is possible to have growing prosperity and flourish in any area of life.

Thriving Crowd or Surviving Crowd?

If we want to get out of survival mode and begin to thrive, then a key choice we need to make is to not hang out with the wrong crowd. We ultimately become like the company we keep.

Do you continually surround yourself with unmotivated, negative minded people that do not thrive? If so, you can’t be surprised if you simply survive in life.

Hanging out continually with the wrong crowd will stunt your growth and rob you of the power to prosper and reach your greatest potential. As you become more determined to follow God’s plan you’ll soon find you become more attracted to those who are serious about their walk with God.

Prosper and Have Good Success

God wants to reveal every good path to you and He has provided sound wisdom that will enable you to live up to your full potential. However, it is up to you to study and meditate His Word regularly…

Then as you put those words of wisdom into practice you will make your way prosperous and have good success. (Joshua 1:8)

When we plant ourselves firmly in God’s Word, we tap into His streams of living water and find that everything we do is fruitful. So instead of running on a treadmill going nowhere and watching things around us wither, everything we do will prosper. (Psalm 1:3)

Yes, you can move out of survival mode and be on your way to thriving. Regardless of your current situation, your future is bright and waiting for you to flourish mightily.

God’s plan is for you to be like those described in Psalm 92:12-14 and flourish like a palm tree in the courts of our God and remain fruitful in old age.

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.” — Psalm 92:12-14

The Good Life Is For You!

Regardless of your background or age, you can grow vigorously and live out God’s good plan for your life. If you refuse to hang out with the wrong crowd and are determined to feed on God’s Word, you can expect to thrive.

It may not come overnight, but if you are faithful to live by the Word of God you can live a long and fruitful life.

Decide today. Make the choice to thrive and not just survive. Don’t get stuck on the treadmills of life that want to steal God’s good plan for you. You were created to win. Yes, you can thrive and live a long, abundant, prosperous life.

May you thrive and flourish in the Word of God and live a long life of growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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