Why Not Use Your Divine Power to Prosper?

Why Not Use Your Divine Power to Prosper?

Let Your Heart Awake to the Unlimited Possibilities Within You!

Is your life full of discouragement from repeated failures and disappointments? Are you lacking satisfaction from not doing that thing your heart longs to do in life? Well if your plans are not prospering and you are feeling the burden of poverty there is something wrong.

What’s your problem?

Knowing something is wrong is quite obvious. However, discovering what is wrong is where the confusion comes in. divine_power2The problem is not with the world, or God’s good plan for your life, but with yourself.  Yes, the problem is with you. You are simply not thinking right. You are not visualizing your life and yourself as you desire it to be.

Every moment of our lives we are experiencing the results of thought. What we believe, think, vision, and expect, shapes our lives. Through the control and direction of our thoughts, backed up with steps of action related to our vision, we can attract to us our heart’s desires.

Proverbs 23:7 tells us that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Change what you think in your heart to line up with how God sees you!

Feel the divine force surge through your every atom of being once you become conscious of the truth that the real you is connected with the almighty power of God. Let your heart awake to the unlimited possibilities within you as you feel God’s arm sustaining and upholding you. Once you discover your mission on earth is divinely planned you will not be content to live a half life, but purpose to act on what is in your heart until it is released and prospers.  

Why not use the divine creative power available within you?

Perhaps you were reared under conditions that have had you wandering through your life ignorant of your own possibilities. Yet you may have an instinctive feeling that there is something great in you yet to be discovered. Becoming conscious of your connection with God will shed light and uncover those hidden possibilities within you.

Bottom line: There is divine power available when you fill your thoughts with what God says about you and then begin to speak them over your life. Let the awareness of the almighty power of God pulsating through your heart, result in your thoughts, visions, beliefs, and actions moving you to a higher plane. This in turn will shape your life and attract your heart’s desires. Live the full, abundant, prosperous life God has planned for you.

May you experience growing prosperity in your life as you use your divine God given power!

Be blessed to be a blessing,

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