Prosperous Living – Shortcut Your Path to Wealth by Acknowledging the True Source of Abundance!

Prosperous Living – Shortcut Your Path to Wealth by Acknowledging the True Source of Abundance!

Who Do You Acknowledge and Trust to Supply Your Needs in Life?

Prosperous living requires taking a drive…

on the path to wealth.

One of the primary shortcuts,

in reaching our destination,

involves acknowledging the true source of abundance.

One Infinite Source

There is only one true source in the universe that holds unlimited supply. God it the true source of all wealth; including financial wealth and spiritual and physical prosperity.

It is important to understand that when we acknowledge God as our source, temporary financial struggles no longer need to dictate our outcome. Why? Because, there are many ways and means that God can use to supply our needs. And His supply never runs dry.

God is the source and everyone else is His instrument.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that their job is the source of their supply. But they need to realize that God is the source, and He simply uses their work as a means to let the funds flow to them.

“My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches.”
— Philippians 4:19

Notice it says ‘My God’, not the company you work for. God is your source.

An Invisible Reservoir of Abundance

Norman Vincent Peale talks about an invisible reservoir of abundance in the universe. This is a great image of the abundance of God.

As we continually acknowledge God as the source of our supply, we’ll find that we are divinely guided on our path to wealth. God is able to make a way when there seems to be no way. Realize it is our choice to recognize God’s power and ownership over everything. And remember we are only stewards of what He supplies us.

Putting our faith and trust in a job, a person, or any other income source, has been proven to be a letdown at one time or another in life.

Prosperity is the result of our choice to accept and trust that God’s ways are higher than ours. When we live by His ways, they will guide us on the path to wealth and allow us to tap into the invisible reservoir of abundance…

We will then be like trees planted by rivers of water and prospering in everything we put our hand to. (Psalm 1:3)

Make no mistake about it: We will never go wrong acknowledging God as the source of our supply. However, be fair warned, if we choose not to, we can expect a lot of detours on our path to wealth.

May your eyes always be fixed on God as your source and may your life be filled with growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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