Growing Prosperity – How Can the Power of Patience Help You Prosper?

Growing Prosperity – How Can the Power of Patience Help You Prosper?

The Power of Patience in an “I Want It Now” World!

Growing prosperity and a look at the power of patience…

for a society that wants to pick-up their prosperity –

like a drive thru meal.

Can anybody argue with the fact that:

we are now living in a microwave culture?

We now have all sorts of things from…

fast food, spray on tans, instant text messaging around the world…

to drive-thru marriage ceremonies.

The “I Want It Now” Prosperity

Most people are in a hurry to receive whatever it is they desire to have, and almost everyone wants it right now!

Unfortunately, the microwave attitude continues to play a part in much more significant issues in our life. We often approach God and ask him to get involved in a situation only because we want to do everything within our ability to get the answer we want, and that we want right now!

We expect to have God answer each of our prayers by the speed of a microwave dinner, otherwise we start taking matters into our own hands.

The thing is, those that have genuine faith will not be hindered by circumstances or even the passing of time. They will be steadfast, immoveable, unshakeable, habitual, and in addition, just won’t give up until they receive the manifestation of their God breathed prayer.

“Wait patiently for the Lord, be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”
— Psalm 27:14

Patience to Prosper is Not the Norm

Patiently waiting is a principle to live by. Society will attempt to persuade people that to become a mover and a shaker these days they must win at any cost and also neglect others in their effort to be successful. On the contrary God does not intend we do any harm to others on our individual journey down the path towards prosperity.

God desires our heart to be dedicated to His way, His will, His instruction, His right timing. Many times that may require patiently waiting.

Of course, the things we do when we are patiently waiting are going to make a huge difference. The truth is: a lot of believers regard patiently waiting as wasted time. These people may truly want to see the Lord’s will be accomplished in their life; however they already have been trained to believe that God needs them to physically assist Him out, all of the time.

Patience that Places You in Position to Prosper

Bear in mind, people who wait patiently on the Lord place themselves in position to prosper. Take a look at these verses, and then be aware, the word ‘wait’ means to be available, to be ready, to expect, look, or wait patiently for:

  • “Those who wait on the Lord, they shall inherit the earth.” (Psalm 37:9)
  • “Blessed are those who wait for His help.” (Isaiah 30:18)
  • “The Lord is good to those who wait for Him.” (Lamentations 3:25)

You will discover seasons in your life when God desires that you seek His presence and not seek Him just for his provision. In this fast paced world it is easy to get our priorities out of order.

Start patiently waiting on the Lord. Seek Him in prayer. Expect to see His promises fulfilled. Wait patiently for Him to set you up for future blessings. Worship Him. Many Christians will say this is time just wasted sitting around. But no!

Truth is: Patiently waiting on God requires faith, prayer, courage, and bravery. It takes a completely surrendered heart that trusts God, and believes His perfect timing is better than ours and will put us in the position to prosper.

May your patience increase as you wait on the Lord and position yourself for growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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