Growing Prosperity – Do You Want to Overcome Defeat and Step Into the Abundant Life?

Growing Prosperity – Do You Want to Overcome Defeat and Step Into the Abundant Life?

How to Overcome Defeat and Bring Growing Prosperity Into Your Life!

Step Into Growing ProsperityGrowing prosperity and abundance is what most people want in their lives.

How come then, do the whopping majority of these same people, find themselves just barely scraping by?

If you feel like defeat is at your doorstep; don’t throw in the towel. Often times we simply need to make a few adjustments to overcome defeat and manifest the abundance of God.

Don’t Compare Yourself to the Ungodly

For starters, STOP wasting time comparing yourself to the unjust. STOP questioning why the wicked seem to prosper and you are barely scraping by. 

A thankful heart delivers the goods.  An ungrateful heart is an insult to God.

Even in our worst condition we are blessed beyond measure with the assurance of everlasting life. God forbid we dare complain to Him because someone else has more ‘things’ in their life; as if that is of greater value than our salvation.

Stand Steadfast – Don’t Be Defeated

Listen: The kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)

You have more power available to change your circumstance than you realize. Meditate on the Word and tap into your God given empowerment by faith.

Start asking God to open the eyes of your understanding and give you wisdom to see where you need to make adjustments in your life. Believe me the problem is not with God! It is with us.

Humble yourself and ask God to show you what you need to adjust. Be open to hearing what it is. Correction is not always easy. But it is necessary.

Then take action on what you need to change. This is not easy either, but it’s either walk out the truth of God’s Word OR go on speaking and living out the lies of the enemy.

God gives us a choice and puts before us life or death. And then He tells us to choose life.

Don’t Just Try – Do it to a Finish

Speaking of which; without faith it is impossible to please God. It takes faith to tap into the abundance of God. And faith doesn’t just try things out and see what happens.  

Noah didn’t just try to build the ark, then after a few years of hard work give up and say “I tried God’s plan, but it doesn’t work.” He just did it to the finish. And as you’ll recall: it worked out really well for him and his family!

So what now? Are you going to throw in the towel and turn your back on God when times get a little tough? Sure glad Jesus didn’t. When you have faith in God’s Word you take action, obey, and follow through. And you trust God will follow through with His promise. Go now and be blessed to be a blessing and tap into your abundant life.

May you stand steadfast to the finish and continue to experience growing prosperity!

God bless you,

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