Funny How People Are Video

Funny How People Are Video

“Funny” Video by Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal

A great reminder of the importance of self-examination and living a committed life to the One who saved us!

Our faith needs to be in the Word of God, not in the things of the world. God needs to always be first in our life and then He’ll help us with all the other life stuff.

On that same note – I want to share a quote from a friend in regards to this same subject and relationships . . . who stated it right on . . .

“Most people are not sold out for Jesus, so they never sell out to “each other”.  I guess what I mean is “commitment”.  There seems to be a lack of that out there these days.  If one doesn’t know how to fully commit to Jesus, then they don’t understand how they need to commit to that other person.  So it seems like just as many Christian marriages and relationships fail as in the world.”

May we keep our hearts open to let the Living God continue to work in our lives!

God bless you,

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