Abundance of God! Can You Unlock Prosperity by 3 Tried and True Keys?

Abundance of God! Can You Unlock Prosperity by 3 Tried and True Keys?

Unlock Unlimited Abundance and Growing Prosperity!


Unlock the Abundance of GodThe abundance of God provides material, physical, emotional, and spiritual prosperity.

Tapping into His source is tapping into a never ending flow.

How can ungodly people experience financial success?

This is a commonly asked question. You need to understand that anyone can reach a level of prosperity by simply following natural laws.

However, a supernatural prosperity is available by also following God’s spiritual laws for success.

Start enjoying the good life God has made available for you!

3 Tried and True Keys to Unlock Your Prosperity:


He owns everything. You need to recognize you only manage the things in your possession. All your abilities, talents, and possessions come from God.

Note, the one thing you are allowed to have ownership of, is your will. You can make your own choices and determine how you want to live. When you choose to partner with God and acknowledge Him, you cannot fail!

In Chronicles 26:5 it reminds us that as long as we seek the Lord, He will make us to prosper.


God has set up natural laws for you to live by. These include laws, that when followed, help attract prosperity into your life. Time has proven them to be successful.

The four primary natural laws that determine your measure of abundance are: mind, money, time, and relationships.

First, you must get control of your thought life and manage your mind. Choose to think positive and envision the life you desire. These thoughts will then get planted into your subconscious, which goes to work making them a reality.

Manage the money you have. God says we have to be faithful with the little we have before we can be trusted with more. Learn to budget, tithe, give generously, shop smart, invest wisely, live within your means, etcetera.

Control your time and use it wisely. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. Make the right choices to plan and prioritize your day to accomplish more.

Your relationships can make you or break you. You should never underestimate the influence that those around you have. Choose your friends and companions wisely.


Have faith in the promises of God. They are true and like money in the bank. You can depend on God’s Word to come to pass. His Word has the power to bring riches greater than financial into your life.

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” – 3 John 2

The measure you sow is the measure you reap, and you will reap what you sow in life.

Seek God’s kingdom first and turn your life over to Him. Psalm 84:11 tells us that He withholds no good thing from them that walk uprightly. Things don’t always manifest overnight, so learn to walk by faith and keep your trust in the living God.

Truth be told: Nothing is impossible when God is on the scene. So seek Him and partner up. Seeking and obeying God’s laws is the key to unlock unlimited prosperity and abundance.

May you tap into God’s unlimited abundance and continue to experience growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


P.S. How are these working in your life?

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How to Attract Prosperity and Abundance with 3 Key Steps!

How to Attract Prosperity and Abundance with 3 Key Steps!

Unlock the Door to Unlimited Abundant Supply

Keys to AbundanceAttract prosperity and abundance in your life starting today.

There is no need to have poverty stricken thinking while there is unlimited abundance available to everyone.

The supply is there and already flowing right past your door…

…it rests with you to make the connection that will draw it to you.

Start making the connection today with these three key steps:


God is the source of all supply. We need the power of God to gain wealth and prosper. Without Him the results we get on our own will be limited and half the time they will result in a mess.

We are told when the Lord makes a person rich He adds no sorrow to it. If we acknowledge God in our lives and seek Him, then He will direct our paths.

“Those that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.” — Psalm 34:10


The law of abundance and prosperity is as definite as the law of gravity. If you are not attracting the abundance you desire, you are most likely still under the mental bondage of limited poverty thinking. However, remember, there is no limitation in Him in whom all fullness lies.

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” — Proverbs 23:7

Think prosperous and allow yourself to believe and have confidence in God. You can flood your life with all good things when you have magnetizing faith to tap into the abundance flowing by you.


You must DO everything to the finish and not quit!

You must believe you will prosper and you must practice what you believe, in order to get results. You must fling your energy into the work needed to reach your goals. Continue to maintain the right mental attitude, with a determination to turn your back on poverty and face toward the abundant life you desire.

You are a child of God, the creator and possessor of all things. His desire is that you prosper. So open your mind to the abundant current of supply He has provided for you.

Believe me: God knows not only what you need in your life, He knows how to help you attract it. Acknowledge Him daily. Let God do His part and you do your part. Then watch as you are blessed to be a blessing to others and attract prosperity and abundance.

May you continue to experience a life of growing prosperity!


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Snap, Crackle, and Prosper – How to Manifest Your Bowl of Abundance!

Snap, Crackle, and Prosper – How to Manifest Your Bowl of Abundance!

Discover Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Own Manifested
Bowl of Abundance

Bowl of AbundanceAbundance: Have you decided it is time to make a change and pour yourself a bowl of abundance?

Well, before anything can manifest in your world on the outside –

 before you feel better, look better, or fatten up your bank account

– the image inside you must change.

Why not start today and get busy putting on a new image?


It’s only a matter of time until what you think about and how you see yourself on the inside is what your life will look like on the outside. Begin to see yourself and your life the way God sees you.

Your finances may be a mess, and your health a wreck, but you need to take on God’s image of you. He sees you prospering and in health, even as your soul prospers.


Start speaking the new vision that is on the inside of you.

One of the major keys to confession and faith is that what you hear yourself speak produces faith inside you. The confession of God’s Word is necessary to build faith to prosper in all areas.

The words you speak get into your spirit and then they come back out your mouth. Every time they go through this process, they increase in power and you get stronger and closer to manifesting your desires.

Jesus told us that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth Speaks. And if you believe what you Say, you’ll have it.  (Matt. 12:34, Mark 11:23)


Prepare yourself for abundance. Use your faith on the front end before the need arises. Confess God’s Word concerning prosperity daily and have His system in motion before a major crisis ever comes along.

Mark my words: It takes longer to work these principles if you’re already in the midst of a problem, because you have to combat negative thoughts and feelings. So speak out your confession of faith when you have no sickness or financial lack and you’ll be better prepared for when you do.

Bowl of ProsperityFeast your eyes on a prosperous life and make it a way of life to speak abundance.

May you continue growing in prosperity daily and enjoy your manifested bowl of abundance!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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Prosperity – Can I Show You 4 Keys to Attract the Abundant Life?

Prosperity – Can I Show You 4 Keys to Attract the Abundant Life?

Apply These 4 Keys to Attract ‘More Than Enough’ Prosperity!

God is Key to Prosperous Life!Prosperity and abundance follow laws as exact as that of the law of mathematics.

It will not act unless all the necessary conditions are met.

If we obey the law, we get the desired results. If we don’t follow the law, things don’t equate to the correct outcome.

Are you with me still?

Attracting prosperity and abundance simply requires following its law.

The following four keys will help guide you on your journey.

#1 – Acknowledge the Source:

God is the creator and source of all supply. No doubt about it. Nothing is impossible when God is your partner. God wants you to prosper and He is the one who gives you the ability to gain wealth. He will direct your paths when you acknowledge him.

“God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


#2 – Get the Vision:

Our thoughts become reality. We are told in Proverbs 23:7 that we are what we think in our hearts.

What we think about is what we attract. That’s why it is so important to get a clear vision of the goal we want to prosper in. Make your mind a magnet that will attract your desired outcome. Do this by meditating, living and feeling the reality of your goal in your mind.

#3 – Take Action:

Make a plan of action and then put some physical energy into attracting your desire. Faith is backing up what you believe with action. Speak and confess your vision daily.

Remember, God’s Word is His will for you, so make sure you speak the same thing God says about you. 3 John 1:2 tells us that God wants us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.

Start being a generous giver. You have to give to receive. God multiplies seed sown.

Psalm 1:3 says whatever we DO will prosper. So make sure you’re doing something.

#4 – Never Quit:

Don’t give up! Run to win.

Some things take time. Results don’t always happen overnight.

Don’t let doubts come in and short circuit the connection to your goal and attract the opposite. Poor thinkers are poor. Prosperous thinkers prosper.

Continue to speak only the desired results for your life and fight discouragement with positive affirmations daily. Speak success.

So there you have it: Develop yourself in these four key areas, then watch as prosperity and abundance is drawn to you and manifested in your life. With God as your partner, you have access to an unlimited creative power to have an abundant overflow onto you and those around you.

May you be blessed to be a blessing and have growing prosperity!

Soar higher,

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How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker? Take This Test!

Self-Improvement – How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker? Take This Test!

The Power of Positive Thinking to Help You Get Happy & Attract Success!

Self-improvement requires adjusting your attitude and becoming a positive thinker. You’ve probably heard that statement a hundred times before. And it is true.

“If you are going to think: Think big.”  –  Donald Trump

Positive Attitude TestIn fact, as you practice using positive thinking, you will find that things begin to change for you.

Sometimes the change is so gradual you don’t notice anything at all, until one day someone else points out that you seem different. They may ask if you’ve gotten a new outfit, changed your hair, lost weight, or started dating someone new?

Tapping into positive thinking not only makes you happier, 🙂 but it also makes you more attractive; the kind of person others want to be around.

There are some common signs of positively charged people.

How to Tell if You Are a Positive Thinker?

Check out the following list to see if any of these sound familiar, and help gauge your progress and see what you have to look forward to.
You Know You’re on the Right Track When:

1.) Your long drive to work flew by so fast, you questioned why it ever bothered you in the first place.

2.) You spent twenty-two minutes waiting in line at the bank, on your half hour lunch break, and your day wasn’t ruined and your life didn’t end.

3.) The gas station attendant gives you the wrong amount of change back; you point it out with a friendly smile and he happily corrects the mistake.

4.) The long awaited repair part for your vehicle finally arrived at the dealership after two weeks on backorder, only to discover it was the wrong size. You are so patient and understanding about the mistake, when the dealership calls, they give you a significant discount on the repair service.

5.) Throughout the day, when you catch a reflection of yourself in a mirror, you’re smiling and you don’t think you look like an ugly duckling.

6.) You don’t hear the timer go off and dinner in the oven gets burnt to a crisp, yet somehow you quickly throw something together that turns out better than you originally planned.

7.) Unexpectedly you find yourself with generous free time on your hands, and lots of enjoyable things to do with it, including the energy needed to do them.

8.) You realize the last time you let yourself think “I can’t” was while thinking: “I can’t believe how blessed I am to have all these wonderful things happening to me!”

Well how did you do? Did you recognize yourself in any of these? Or are you looking forward to the day you do?

Regardless of your current level, a key to keep in mind is that the most positive, powerful, life changing thing you can meditate and think on is the Word of God. In Psalm chapter one it says that those who meditate and obey God’s Word are blessed and whatever they do prospers.

Make no mistake about it; positive thinking has the power to change your life. As you continue to use this technique in your life, you will find you don’t have to put much effort into achieving what you want. Positive thoughts put the law of attraction into motion and begin to manifest abundant success in your life.

May your thoughts be positive and your life full of growing prosperity!


P.S. So how did you score? Are you reaping the benefits of a positive attitude? Does maintaining a positive attitude come easy for you, 🙂 or do you find yourself quick to snap at others everywhere you go 🙁 ?

Feel free to leave your comments and compare your results with others…

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Dare To Prosper – Blow The Limits Off Small Thinking!

Dare To Prosper – Blow The Limits Off Small Thinking!

Discover How to Kick Your Life Into High Gear and Prosper With Abundant Thinking!

Blow the Limits Off Small Thinking and Prosper!Prosperity requires knowing what you want. Do you want to prosper, yet expect someone else to figure out what you want and drop it off on your front door step?

Before you can receive anything in life, you first have to know exactly what you want.

Think about that for a minute.

You need to know exactly what you want, then boldly declare it to receive it.


Are you like many people who pretend they don’t want the things they think they can never have? Small thinking keeps you from having growing prosperity. You can be free to be all that God has created you to be and free to have all that He said you can have.

It is liberating to know God through His Word. John 8:32 tells us that in His Word you’ll know the truth and it will set you free.

Truth is, the desire of God is to bless His children and see them prosper. He made us the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. We are blessed going in and blessed going out, and everything we set our hands to will prosper (Deut. 28:1-8)!


Follow the law of attraction and keep your thoughts focused on what you believe to receive and attract. God wants to abundantly supply what you ask for and bring you into a deeper level with Him. Just be obedient to follow His ways and be determined to receive everything He has promised to you in His Word.

“I say unto you, what things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.”  –  Jesus Christ

Open your eyes to some powerful little phrases. You’ll often come across words in the Bible like: what things soever you desire, whatsoever you say, all things, anything, and what you will. These should impact and challenge us to always say exactly what we want and blow the limits off our small thinking!


Come to the point where you are determined to get what you want. Fight off any negative or small thinking that will keep you down and willing to settle for less than God’s best. No matter what you need and desire in life, learn to depend on a God that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think. I dare you to prosper. 😉

May you put on abundant thinking and continue to have growing prosperity in your life!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


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Abundance – God Says Your Cup Runs Over! What Do You Say?

Abundance – God Says Your Cup Runs Over! What Do You Say?

Put Your Trust In God and Speak His Truth Over Your Life!

This post is inspired by a recent sermon my pastor gave on the importance of having our words, and what we speak and say about ourselves and our lives . . . to have it match up with what the Word of God says.  God keeps His Word. When we speak His Word we can trust that it will not return void!

Abundance is clearly made available for those who put their trust in God. Have you put your trust in God, but still find yourself confused and asking for the directions to abundance?

Let me get right to the point: Having what God says you have, requires SAYING what God says you have!

Are you with me still?

Consider Psalm 23, which is a well know chapter from the Bible. Often used at funerals, but is actually very powerful for daily living. It reminds us of the amazing provision of God. When God is our shepherd there is No want.

God Says My Cup Runs OverKeep in mind, as with all relationships, there is action required by both parties. God leads us to still waters. However, it is up to us to drink. The Lord is the master at restoring our soul, which is our mind. And He does just that when we put our trust in Him. When the storms of life come our way we do not fear, because He is with us. Why is He with us comforting us? Because, we do our part and put our trust in Him.

God says your cup abundantly runs over. What do you say?

If God’s Word says your cup runs over, then that should be the same thing you are thinking and speaking. We too often have an empty cup mentality. But remember, as a man thinks in his heart so is he. (Proverbs 23:7)

God continues to do His part, and you need to continue to do your part. Keep your thoughts and words lined up with His Word. He prepares a table for you, but it is up to you to eat!

There is a section in Psalm 36 that talks about how the children of God are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of His house. He gives them drink from the rivers of His pleasures. That with Him is the fountain of life.

God wants you to have overflow in your life so that you can be blessed to be a blessing. If you only have enough to meet your needs, or not even that, then you aren’t able to help others.

One of the names of God is El-Shaddai. This means the God of more than enough, the all sufficient one. God can turn your ‘not enough’ into ‘more than enough’

So the question is: Who is your trust in? Make sure it is in the living, one, true God. Put your faith in Him and use your faith to see your abundance in the spirit until it is manifested in the natural. Say what God says and let your cup run over for a life of supernatural abundance.

A prayer for you today before you go:

“Lord God, I thank you, that you are able to turn my not enough into more than enough. You are my Shepherd and I shall not want or be in need in any area because you are overflowing my life with supernatural blessings like I have never experienced before. I receive Your anointing, Your help, upon my life, my family, business and career. I thank you that my life is overflowing  so that I may be a blessing to others and glorify You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

May you experience God’s abundant overflow and growing prosperity in your life!

God bless you,

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How to Get Favor to Move You from Lack to Abundance!

How to Get Favor to Move You from Lack to Abundance!

Discover How You Can Move Into Abundance with These Keys and Confessions to Help Manifest Favor in Your Life!

Abundant Favor of GodTake it from me, if you are on the brink of a breakdown, you need to attract some favor.

Do you find yourself withdrawn into a shell of fear, anxiety, frustration, and negativism due to childhood experiences, bad situations, and failures in marriage and life? Have years of sowing negative thoughts into your spirit attracted to you negative, sour, mean, people and situations?

Well, don’t be kept in the dark. Your thoughts are the beginning of your reality. Constantly confessing the negative will put up a road block that prevents favor from coming through to you. Learn to change your attitude toward life and you’ll change your place in it and begin to see abundance.

Live expecting favor and you’ll change your insecurities and disappointments into success. In John 17:22 we are told that the glory that God gave Jesus, He gave to us. How awesome is that? You have the same glory that Jesus had.

Picture the Lord coming to you and placing a crown of glory and honor on your head. With this kind of favor you would live expecting things to happen! Your lack, doubt and insecurities would vanish and turn into powerful confidence.

The simple fact of the matter is: You need to change your attitude and let God’s Word be true in your life. Stand on the truth of His Word and it will set you free from whatever is holding you back. Faith comes by hearing the Word, so speak His words over your life daily. Don’t be one that confesses doubt and failure until you are depressed and broken down.


  • God Makes His Face to Shine Upon Me Today and He is Gracious to Me
  • I Have God’s Special Favor on Me Today and I Prosper
  • God Gives Me Abundance of Favor
  • I Have Favor with God and All Men
  • God is Doing Exceedingly Abundantly Above All That I Ask or Think
  • I Am Blessed to Be a Blessing to Others
  • God is Pouring the Spirit of Favor on Me Today

Repeat these confessions until they are deposited into your spirit. Remember, nothing is impossible with God! Learn to walk in the law of God’s favor and abundance. It is available for everyone. Choose to receive it.

May you experience growing prosperity and favor and move into your desired abundant life!

Be blessed to be a blessing –


P.S. Please feel free to comment if this has been helpful for you. Thanks!

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