Would You Like 2 Easy Steps That Attract Abundant Favor To Prosper?

Would You Like 2 Easy Steps That Attract Abundant Favor To Prosper?

Apply These Two Easy Steps to Attract Prosperous Favor for a New Lease on Life!

growing_prosperityThere is no better time than now to attract some favor. Especially if you are like so many who are ready to throw in the towel or feel like their back is up against the wall. Have years of sowing negative thoughts attracted negative, sour, people and situations into your life?

It’s no wonder, because your thoughts are the beginning of your reality. Constantly thinking and speaking negative will short circuit favor from getting through to you.

But the GOOD NEWS is, there is ABUNDANT FAVOR available to you. You are made in God’s image. In you is the ability to give and receive favor. God is reaching out His hand of favor to you. You must stop thinking you are not capable or worthy of receiving and giving His favor. A strong negative spirit will hinder your ability to reach out and receive much of this favor.

Know where you stand. God is a God of love, favor, and mercy. You are an outlet for His power to flow through to bless you and others. He is constantly promoting those who learn to live in this law of favor. To be on track, you must follow His steps.

Attract Favor by Following Two Easy Steps:

#1 – First you must think, believe, and expect favor to flow from God and others to you. Get your thoughts in-line and see yourself receiving favor everywhere you go and in everything you do.

#2 – Second, you need to favor others even when they are ugly and unkind to you. Give favor to others daily.

Plain and simple, you reap what you sow. Give and the Lord will make men give unto you. Set yourself up to receive favor. Meditate and sow good thoughts of blessings to others.

We are told in 2 Corinthians 9:10 that God gives seed to the sower. As you give, God continues to fill your life with fresh favor to prosper. But just like electricity has no power until the circuit is completed, favor has no power until your circuit is completed. You must let it flow to others.

A new lease on life can be yours. Reach out beyond your present “rut” by expecting favor. Develop an attitude of being blessed to be a blessing. Watch as you leap into new levels of favor and growing prosperity in your life!

God bless you,

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    • Onyi
    • May 10, 2013

    May God blessing dis source n nspire u 2 do more

    • isaac sakyi
    • August 18, 2012

    i love this wonderful piece of information.its very true and may the good lord bless the source of its provision

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