Abundance Tapping Faith in Action

Abundance Tapping Faith in Action

The Windows of Heaven Opened Above Me and Dropped Down a Bed!

I was blessed BIG Time this week and I want to share to encourage you.

I’ve been working on my faith and looking at where I’m letting doubts and unbelief hinder my progress. What am I doing or saying that makes me keep hitting a wall and only making it to a certain level of prosperity?

I’m standing in belief, confessing, tithing, and taking action in the natural. But I realized I have a problem with my “receiver”. I have great faith to believe to receive for others. And I say I do for myself. But then I noticed deep down I feel a sense of unworthiness to really be blessed personally.

Last week, guest minister Rev. Mark Hankins, shared with our church an encouraging message to meditate and get into The Word and see who we are Christ. So I’ve been bombarding myself day and night with the Word of God via books, CD’s, and recordings of myself confessing the Word. 

And here’s my story this week … Look what the Lord has done!

Monday as I was cleaning up some (okay, well a lot) of paperwork off my counter, I came across an ad for a mattress. I thought ‘that would be awesome to have a nice bed’. My current bed is a small twin that used to be my daughters and is worn out. I have it layered with blankets and a foam piece so I can’t feel the springs. I toss and turn all night and every morning I wake up with a sore back. It’s embarrassing to say, but I’ve been accepting this for many years.

Tuesday I woke up and had an overwhelming sense that I was close to my breakthrough in the financial realm. I started thinking about what it would be like and how I would buy myself a new bed. I pictured a fluffy mattress and I could see & feel myself sleeping on it. I could feel what it would be like waking up in the morning refreshed and ready for the day.

At that point something changed inside me. It seemed so real I started to cry with tears of joy and started thanking God for the bed. Then I realized I was thanking God for something I didn’t even have in the natural yet – only by faith. But it was so real it was as if I actually had it.

I knew I was getting closer to tapping into a deeper measure of faith. Even though I didn’t have a new bed in the natural, I was fully persuaded in my spirit.

So Tuesday I cut out the picture of that bed and posted it above my computer. I was going to use it to start my vision board.

Wednesday evening at church a greeter greeted me with some encouraging words. It reminded me of what happened the day before and I shared quickly that I just had a recent breakthrough in the financial area and was able to see myself getting a new bed. After service, the greeter and her husband said we want to take you shopping tomorrow to buy a new bed!!!!!!!!

Thursday at noon, 3 days after seeing the ad, I had a brand new bed. Not used or even a cheap one. They insisted on the top of the line, pillow top, fluffy mattress. And sleeping on it last night made me feel like a princess and for the first time in years when I woke up my back did not hurt!!

I’m in tears of thanksgiving as I write this…that my God cares about me personally. Not just my daughters, family, and friends. But God loves me!

I’ve learned I have to work on my receiver and quit saying no to God and start saying Yes God. I can believe all I want – but if I’m not willing to receive when the blessings come…then I’m just plain stupid!

Everything in me wanted to tell that couple not to spend their hard earned money on me. I know what they did was a huge, huge sacrifice! A step of faith for them. Yet, I knew I needed to learn to receive when God provides. I never expected they would offer to buy me a bed and I didn’t share my situation in anyway expecting them or anyone to.

Actually I had God in a box and saw myself reaching a certain level of income and then being able to go buy the bed myself sometime within the next year. I guess I need to also get God out of a box and let Him be God and do things His way in His timing!  :0)

There is so much about this experience I could go into depth about. But I just wanted to share the quick version with you. I am so unbelievably thankful!!

I’ve never owned a new bed before. This truly feels like a gift from Heaven. And other than from a few close family members, I’ve never received such a generous, cheerful, self-less, act of love and kindness from someone.

Galatians 5:7 says whatsoever a man sows he shall reap.

This couple and their family has a great harvest coming for their obedience to the Word of God and the generous act of giving they sowed in my life. May the favor of God be on them and bless the works of their hands and may everything they do prosper and the blessings of God pour on them in such abundance it is more than they can contain!

Lisa & Russell, I call you and your family blessed in Jesus Name! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :0)

I encourage you all to get the Word of God in you until you are fully persuaded and live the life God intends you to live! The hour is short.

Be blessed to be a blessing,

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    • Bradley
    • May 16, 2009

    Brenda, Just a great post – I love it!

    • Donna
    • May 15, 2009

    What a blessing dear! And the giver will be blessed too!
    Love Mom

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