Powerful Spiritual Meditation – Why Should Christians Meditate?

Powerful Spiritual Meditation – Why Should Christians Meditate?

The Powerful “Lost Art” of Christian Meditation

Powerful Spiritual MeditationChristian meditation is a choice and a positive, life transforming choice at that.

The Bible makes it clear that meditation is for His children.

However, meditation seems to be a “lost art” for most believers these days. 

Yet whether we realize it or not, as Christians today we have a deep spiritual need to meditate.

This is the reason many believers so easily get drawn into evil spiritual activity, which the Bible warns about often.

The list of reasons why Christians should meditate is practically endless. Let’s look at some of the key purposes of biblical meditation.

God Commands Us to Meditate on His Word

How about the fact that the Bible commands us to? God says to meditate on His Word day and night so we will obey it.

“…you shall meditate day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written…” 
— Joshua 1:8

How can we do and obey without first having an understanding of what is required? Meditation on the kingdom of God way of living gives us that knowledge. It also empowers us to act on it.

Meditation Helps Manifest God’s Blessings and Promises in Our Life

Manifestation of the blessings and promises of God are a result of meditating on scripture. As we meditate, our understanding of God and His ways will draw us closer to Him.

Our faith and love will increase along with the desire to please God in a greater way. Meditation, and the gathering of knowledge alone, will not manifest results. Action on this revealed knowledge is required to receive the blessings.

In the same verse quoted earlier we see that it goes on to say that blessing can be expected when we meditate and then act on God’s Word.

“…then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success.” 
— Joshua 1:8

Revelation of God’s Laws Benefits Society

God’s word is packed full of eternal mysteries just waiting for the diligent, faithful believer to discover. And just as discoveries in the natural world, benefit society, so do spiritual discoveries reflected in the living Word of God.

Electricity has always been, but think about how the discovery of this law greatly impacted the world. With discovery comes progress. And the discoveries found in God’s laws have the greatest power for transformation.

Case in point: Meditation on the laws of God’s kingdom can take us out of the spiritual Stone Age and into a life where spiritual wonders and miracles await.

Are you ready to make Christian meditation a habit in your life?

God bless you,

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