Christian Meditations – What Does Prayer Have to Do With Christian Meditation?

Christian Meditations – What Does Prayer Have to Do With Christian Meditation?

How do Prayer and Meditation Relate to Each Other?

Christian Prayer and MeditationChristian meditation is time devoted to being in the presence of God and consuming God’s Word.

There are many forms of meditation and prayer is one of them.

In general, meditation on God’s Word primarily involves hearing from God and prayer is primarily about speaking to God.

Prayer is often defined as spiritual communion with God.

“Prayer is the most important tool for your mission in the world. People may refuse our love and message, but they are defenseless against our prayers.” 
— Dr. Rick Warren

God’s desire is to have close fellowship with us, His children. And like all relationships that involves a commitment of time and two-way communication.

In His Presence Through Christian Prayer and Meditation

From the earliest of days, prayer has been an essential part of meditation for Christians. Those who practice a deep, contemplative form of prayer often speak of it as a sense of “being one with the Lord” or being consumed in God’s love. But they don’t necessarily think of it in terms of meditation.

We see in the scripture that the psalmist used meditation as an approach to God and prayed that the meditation of his heart be sweet (104:34) and acceptable to God (19:14). His meditation also led him to a deeper and greater understanding of God’s Word (Psalm 49:3).

Christians sometimes think of meditation as quiet prayer, a prayer without petition, since the Lord already knows our needs. (Matthew 6:8) This might involve prayer that includes biblical confession of God’s Word. Praying God’s Word is praying His will.

Spiritual Discipline of Christian Prayer and Meditation Taps Into the Supernatural of God

The practice of praying God’s Word is at the same time meditating His Word. The spiritual and physical discipline needed for regular prayer and meditation will soon become almost effortless with daily practice.

Eventually we notice a life of living deliberately in the presence of God always; throughout the waking day.

“What blessed excitements those have who are much alone with Christ!… Such a man never has a cold heart or a slack hand who is much in meditation with his Lord Jesus.” 
— Charles H. Spurgeon

As we tap into the realm of the supernatural God provides, through prayer and meditation, we live a victorious life because we are connected to the life force and power of God.

Do yourself a favor: Be the success God created you to be. How? By daily staying consumed and tapped into His presence, power, and love through prayer and meditation in the Word of God!

God bless you always,

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