How to Get Happy with 7 Quick and Easy Tips to Brighten Your Spirit!

Happiness – How to Get Happy with 7 Quick and Easy Tips to Brighten Your Spirit!

Discover the Happy Life!

Happy Spirit Lifting Power from God!Happiness is possible for everyone. Yet, like most things in life it does not come automatically. Have you been through some tragic events in life that seem to have robbed your happiness? Even after the experiences are past, your mind can be filled with negative thoughts that leave no room for happiness.

Do you want to be happy? Then I’ll be honest with you, it will require some work on your part. But believe me, you are worth the effort!  

If you want to be happy, you first have to choose to be.

Once you decide to live happy, then start acting like it. Some individuals are naturally more cheerful and just happy-go-lucky all the time.  🙂

On the other side of the spectrum, it can be an almost battle for others to even crack a smile. 🙁

Regardless of where you fall on the happiness scale, these quick and easy tips are sure to brighten your spirit.

How to Get Happy with 7 Quick & Easy Tips:

1.) Be a Thankful Person. Start and end your day giving thanks. Always be mindful of the good in your life and let that fill your thoughts. It is easier to be happy if you are a thankful person.

2.) Monitor Your In Take. What do you watch, read, and listen to? What you take in, is what you are going to put out.

You’ll have to admit it is hard to be happy and upbeat if you are constantly watching the ‘doom and gloom’ on the news. So take in things that are going to lift your spirit. We all know the right song can put a skip in your step.  A funny movie will put a smile on your face.

3.) Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Your physical health plays a key role in your mental health and personal self-image. There is much taught on diet, exercise, nutrition, sleeping habits, etcetera. These things are all vital to how we feel. They must be kept in balance to make it easier to live happy.

4.) Discover Your Passion. So what are you passionate about? Passion gives an extreme power boost to your spirit. Discover what you are passionate about and pursue it.

The painter must paint. The writer must write. Doing what you are passionate about in life brings great happiness (to you and others).

5.) Help Others. Look around you and notice the needs of others. Find ways to help them. Learn to serve. As you look outside of yourself and start helping others, you’ll experience long lasting happiness.

Put some cheerfulness and generosity into someone else’s life. Like they say, ‘what goes around comes around’.

6.) Keep Things in Perspective. If today is not feeling so happy, just remember that this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day. We all go through seasons and the storms of life blow through. That is just life. But after the clouds blow past, the sun shines again. So stay determined to keep your happiness.

7.) Tap Into the Source of Happiness. Seek God and His presence daily. He is the abundant source that offers more than happiness, but joy everlasting. When you have a relationship with Him, Jesus says the kingdom of God lives within you. (Luke 17:21)

When we tap into the power He has put within us, our faces should be so lighted up that we give the impression to everybody that we just came into possession of some great, good fortune that made us extremely happy! Like a poor person who struggled all their life that has now become heir of a great fortune.

God’s children ought to look happy. 

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.” 
– Philippians 4:4

It’s no secret, happiness is one of the great essentials to living the good life and it is to be realized here and now. Love, laugh, smile, dance, and be glad often. It is possible for everyone to have peace within themselves and enjoy true happiness.

May you continue to experience a life of happiness and growing prosperity!


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