Prosperity – Only If You Think So!

Prosperity – Only If You Think So!

Are Your Thoughts Holding a Vision for Growing Prosperity?

Living a prosperous life and attracting those things that make it abundant and fulfilling require directing your thoughts. General concepts, vague desires, fuzzy or wishful thinking do not have the power to create a specific result because they are not specific thoughts.

The following three keys will help you prosper by directing your thoughts correctly: 

#1 Have a Clear Mental Picture

You must form a clear vision of what you want to do, have, or become. It is key to know specifically what you want, before you can ask for it. It is not enough to have a general thought of desire for wealth, health, or a loving relationship. Most people wish for these things.  A clear, specific, mental picture of what you want must be formed in your thoughts in order to put the creative power of your mind into action.

#2 Keep a Clear Mental Picture in Your Mind Continually

A clear vision of what you want must continually be in your thoughts. If your mental picture is clear and specific with details, the more you’ll think on it and the more you’ll desire it. Your desire must be strong enough to keep your thoughts directed toward that thing continually. The stronger the desire becomes the easier it will be to keep your focus on what you want. This in turn acts like a magnet drawing that desired thing to you.

#3 Unwavering Faith is Required to Take Possession of the Thought

A clear and concise, constant mental image also requires an unwavering faith to materialize and take possession of the vision. Live in the mental realm with full enjoyment of what you desire until it takes form around you physically. Take possession of it in your mind with the full power of faith that it is actually yours. Do not waver in your faith for even one instant that it is real.

Jesus told us in Mark 11:24 “Whatsoever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.” Also note that in verse 22 He said “Have faith in God.” Then in verse 23 He also said “Do not doubt in your heart.”

Grow prosperity in your life by formulating your thoughts into specific, clear, mental images of what you desire. Take mental ownership of the desire in your vision and keep it continually in your thoughts. Keep the vision with unwavering faith until you obtain it and prosper.

May you experience growing prosperity in your life as you direct your thoughts daily in faith!


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