Are You Tuned Into the Prosperity Channel?

Are You Tuned Into the Prosperity Channel?

How to Enjoy a Prosperous Life by Tuning Into the Right Channel!

Prosperity requires being tuned into the right thought channel. What we choose to tune into, watch, listen, and absorb, is what we can expect to see in our lives.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

If you want to find out what the weather forecast is, you tune into the weather channel. You don’t watch the cartoon channel expecting to get the weather forecast.

Okay, so let me ask you, why do you tune into the poverty channel on a daily basis expecting prosperity? Watching the poverty channel is only going to bring you more poverty. 

Don’t you think today is a good day to quit flipping channels and make a choice to only watch the prosperity channel in your mind and heart? We know that we are what we think in our heart (Prov. 23:7). So tune your thoughts and heart into what you want to become and manifest.

To get results you must only allow your heart and mind to play success movies. Your thoughts should continually be replaying the movie of your desired life. Take the time daily to watch it in high definition with full clarity and surround sound effects. Put yourself fully in that movie until it begins to feel real.

A Sneak Preview of Your Life Ahead

The God Channel is the Success ChannelThe prosperity and abundance conscious movie must be created to order as desired. This specifically created movie that you consistently play in your mind will soon become your reality. If you don’t purpose to tune into a channel of success, then you’ll be stuck watching the default poverty channel. And poverty is attracted to the one whose mind is focused on it, just as wealth, abundance, and success is attracted to the one whose mind has deliberately prepared to attract it, by tuning into the correct channel.

Your subconscious mind works continuously while you are awake and asleep. It works on attracting the movies you’ve been watching and the channels you’ve tuned into. If you don’t want to keep manifesting a life from some bad re-runs, then TURN the CHANNEL!

The Big Picture

We know from the Word of God that our God has a good plan for us. He desires His children to prosper and that when we give, it is given back to us abundantly. So for the ultimate success in life, never turn off the God channel. Always keep God tuned in. 🙂

May you purpose to tune into the right channel in life and experience growing prosperity!

Be blessed to be a blessing,

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    • Admin
    • July 16, 2009

    Yes, I was unfortunately tuned into the poverty channel myself most my life until I found out I could change the channel.

    Happy viewing Ryan – Cheers, Brenda

  1. Brenda, The Prosperity Channel is my favorite 🙂

    Even though we’re born with a prosperity consciousness most of us were tuned into the poverty channel during our formative years. Once we know that we have the ability to change the channel it’s up to us to do so. Get the remote control and go for it!


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