Strangers – Inspirational Video

Strangers – Inspirational Video

“Strangers” Christian Video by Igniter Media

Be inspired by this video called “Strangers” by Igniter Media.

We all know how important it is to talk to others about Christ. But we shouldn’t forget about the impact of how we live our lives as well. Just think, you may never meet the person whose life you helped change.

Here is a great comment left for this video on GodTube:

“You can call it the “Ripple Effect”, or “Trickle down blessings”, it is ultimately Gods’ Will that none should perish. He has a plan, and this is a great video to show how sharing Christ, inviting someone to church, pays Eternal dividends! Something to think about the next time someone asks, ‘Why do you wear that cross?’, or ‘What is it about you, you are always happy’? Even though it sometimes seems it is not so, sharing our’ faith is always a winning situation!” — Jim Loeffert

Enjoy this video & have a God blessed day!



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