The Path To Wealth by TS Linscott

“The Path To Wealth” by TS Linscott

The Path To Wealth Book Review

The Path to Wealth Book by TS Linscott“THE PATH TO WEALTH”

by T.S. Linscott

This book was first published in 1888 with the complete title:

“The Path to Wealth; or, Light From My Forge.”

Revealed within the pages of this

valuable book you’ll find powerful,

timeless teachings regarding God’s money laws…


The teachings in this book are provided in a series of ‘talks’ that take place in a blacksmith shop over 100 years ago. The discussions include important insights into monetary principles from God’s Word; which continue to reveal to us today How to Acquire Wealth and Have Financial Success!

In this wealth and financial success book, author T.S. Linscott, shares the dynamic tithing truths that have helped thousands of others discover the ‘secret’ of supernatural growing prosperity.

The following is an excerpt from pages 80-81 of “The Path To Wealth”:

“A good deal of our preaching, our thinking, and even our devotions, either vaporize or spiritualize God’s promises. Our natural unbelief tends to put off the fulfillment of them until we get to heaven or sometime in the future. Unbelief hates literal and present tense promises. But these promises are literal and material; they are for here and now; they are to be enjoyed on earth; they challenge us to a contract or bargain with God.

As stated before, He promises money for money; you pay me a tenth, says God, and I will give you earthly and material blessings. I will give your fingers skill as mechanics; I will incline employers toward you; you shall get the highest wages; strikes shall not affect you; I am with you, and will see that you are provided for.

I will make you prosperous as businessmen; I will incline you where you can make good bargains; I will send the people around to you to buy; while the man next door, who neglects My cause may become bankrupt, this curse shall not touch you. I will look out for your bills when they are coming due; I will see that your bank account is sufficiently large; in a word, I am your partner and will look out for the interests of your business.

And to you thinkers, who earn your living by your brains, I will make your thoughts clear; I will give you the holy impulse to originate ‘thoughts which breathe, and words which burn;’ your productions shall stir men’s hearts; your works shall be in demand; I will make people buy the productions of your heart and brain; only pay me your tenth, and you shall be cared for.

Seed time and harvest shall never fail you farmers; I will bless your crop; I will multiply your stock; the blight and the mildew shall be kept from your farms; remember, I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; I will do to you as I did to them, only remember me as they did.

I will give health to all of you; death shall not take away your little ones; they shall live to a ripe old age; I will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

These are the blessings promised by God in the Bible. Who among this company will this day pledge his tenth to God?” (end of excerpt)

“Are You Tired of Going in Circles Where Your Finances are Concerned?”

In days of economic uncertainty, it is important for everyone to get a working knowledge of truth to prosper.

You can prosper by using God’s spiritual principles in your finances!

The source of all financial abundance is God and with Him there are no limits. Trouble is, too many people are slow to learn the principles that will cause them to excel financially.

Get your thinking clear on how to work them and you’ll no longer use words like recession, poverty, and lack.

In order to receive financial abundance from God, we must do our part. If we do our part, He’ll do His part and meet our needs according to His riches in glory.

Most people don’t like to hear about tithing and it puts them in fear. But you’ll have no problem tithing if you see God as your source of supply.

The tithe is seed money of wealth and is compared to sowing. The more a person gives, the more that person receives. Financial prosperity is one benefit of tithing. It puts us in partnership with God.

We are told to bring the tithes into God’s house and then test Him and see if He does not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing on us that we don’t have room enough to contain it! (Malachi 3:10)

Tithing is a step of obedience and trust that God will take care of our finances. God promises to pour out a blessing to the tither.

I truly believe tithing is a key to living a godly, successful, and prosperous Christian life.

“The Path to Wealth” book has been republished and is now easily available in an affordable print version.

In it many of the common questions people have about tithing are addressed and answered, such as:

  • Is Tithing Still For Us Today?
  • Who Should Tithe?
  • Is a Person In Debt Obligated to Tithe?
  • If God is the Source of All Supply, Why Does He Need My Money?
  • Where Should the Tithe Be Given?
  • How is the Tithe Calculated?

In “The Path to Wealth”, Linscott also points out many of the biblical advantages of tithing.

God put it on my heart almost two years ago to republish this book, and it is my earnest wish and prayer, just as it was of the original author, that this book may be productive of good, and lead many a person to ‘bring all the tithes into the storehouse’ in response to the demand of God.

“Where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.”
— Luke 12:34

You can find out more and purchase the book here:
The Path to Wealth by TS Linscott

May you be blessed to be a blessing!

God bless you,

Growing Prosperity Productions

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    • Admin
    • April 12, 2012

    Dean – I’ll email you info about bulk ordering. Thanks again & have a great day! Brenda

    • Dean A. Brown
    • April 11, 2012


    How do I purchase the books in bulk? Is there a bulk discount.

    • Admin
    • April 11, 2012

    Dean – If you are looking for an original hardcover book, I would watch online at places like eBay and Amazon (that is where I purchased my original copies for about $100).

    The republished edition of “The Path To Wealth” provides a resource link where the additional writings can be downloaded as PDF files for free. However, only one of the five writings are available for download at this time. Hope to see the others in the near future.

    Cheers – Brenda

    • Dean A. Brown
    • April 11, 2012

    How can I get a copy of the original book with the other writings?

    • Admin
    • March 27, 2012

    Dean – I very much appreciate your note!

    I’m glad this book is a blessing to you and I’m also interested in getting a copy of “The Midas Touch.” I hadn’t heard about that book.

    It is also nice to get a confirmation of God’s leading in my life to republish “The Path To Wealth.” I encountered a lot of resistance in the process and whenever I shared with others what I felt God was urging me to do, they just looked at me like I was crazy. 🙂

    Thanks for helping spread the word and for encouraging others to learn God’s truths!

    God bless you,

    • Dean A. Brown
    • March 27, 2012

    I have been believing and searching for a copy of this book since I read an excerpt from it in Kenneth E. Hagin’s “The Midas Touch.” You have been the instrument through which my prayer was answered and i truly thank you for republishing it. I have been spreading the word about it and I am thankful for the truths found in it’s pages.

    • Admin
    • May 20, 2011

    Thank you Yvonne! I’m so glad the book blessed you.

    I know personally that tithing has made my relationship with the Lord even stronger and from that many areas of my life continue to prosper.

    God bless you always,

    • Yvonne Brown
    • May 20, 2011

    Dear Brenda

    I purchased The Path To Wealth by TL Linscott and believe
    me I have not read a book like this. It has changed my life
    and my understanding of Tithing and Prosperity and am so blessed. I encourage everyone who visits your website to
    purchase this book and practice the law of tithing.



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